1. Dehilia Spence

    Veterinary Assistant Dehlila was born in Florida but spent time in Virginia and Hawaii before moving to Oklahoma. She has been a member of the Eastside Animal Hospital team since November of 2016. Dehlila has training in human medicine as a Medical Assistant and uses this training in her work with p…Read More

  2. Lisa Fielden

    Veterinary Assistant Lisa was born in Wisconsin but grew up in Georgia and Ohio before moving to Muskogee. She has been in the veterinary field for seven years and joined the Eastside Animal Hospital team in October 2017. Even from a very young age, Lisa enjoyed spending time with animals and taking…Read More

  3. Mary Hurd

    Office Manager Mary has been a part of the Eastside Animal Hospital team since 1997. She was born in Thibodaux, Louisiana but moved to Muskogee as a teenager. Mary graduated from Muskgoee High School and attended the Bryon Institute for Career Training. She spent many years as a Medical Assistant be…Read More

  4. Julie Robards

    Executive Director/Director of Administration As Executive Director, Julie oversees the daily operations of Eastside Animal Hospital.  She is an important part of the practice and many days you will find her behind the scenes helping wherever she can.  She loves greeting clients and their fur babi…Read More